environmentally friendly

Due to conscious choice of their material Gowi began in the 80s to make the disposal environmentally friendly and licensed. Nowadays, a careful handling with resources is very important.

long-lasting quality

All toys of GOWI are strong, stable and colourfast. Our products are durable and last for generations. All toys with the different designs are highly memorable. In our company we have a combination of tradition and quality.

modern designs

Gowi takes always care to their customers wishes and their ideas. All our products have no sharp edges and the different colors of the rainbow. All GOWI products are unique and inspire kids since decades.


All GOWI toys are  primarily made of PE and PP, which are harmless for kids and adults. All our long-standing suppliers have to consider the REACH regulation. On the basis of this regulation Gowi do not use plasticizers, phatalates, PVC or Bisphenol A for the production of all products.

audited and certified

Since 2010, our company has a quality management department and a incoming goods inspection. All our products are tested regularly due to current toy guidelines by different accredited testing authorities. On the basis of these testings our quality and toy security are always on a high-level.

customer service

Customer questions and ideas are always welcome in our company and are treated personally by our employees. A lot of parents take care of ingredients of their children's toys. With our customer service we answer all questions conscientious. We are looking forward to get in contact with you! All your requests will be treated quick, competent and  non-bureaucratic. In our company, customer satisfaction and toy safety are very important. These fundamental principles are obligatory in a fast changing sector. Gowi acts for the world's best customer group: kids!